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Volume is an award winning Melbourne based independent full service digital agency, specialising in eCommerce development.

Established in 2000, our goal is to provide clients with the most complete and effective solution, through quality in design, innovative thinking and the highest level of service.

Being a full service digital agency, specialising in the design, development and ongoing management of websites, our client list includes many of Australia’s leading brands, most of which have partnered with Volume for a better part of two decades.

Widely experienced within the online industry, we offer an array of services including; website design and development, online strategy, responsive design and development, application development, video production, ecommerce solutions, content marketing, social media services, brand identity, email marketing and online style guidelines.

Award winning, innovative, dependable and highly efficient, we pride ourselves on being the quality digital partner that every modern business needs to keep up with the ever changing online landscape.


Social Media Support for Melbourne Water

Wednesday July 29, 2020

Melbourne Water works hard to protect and enhance our waterways but can’t do it alone, they came to us wanting to inspire people to get involved....

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Working From Home

Thursday March 19, 2020

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we have decided that all Volume team members will work remotely. ...

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Social Media Support for Melbourne Water

Wednesday July 29, 2020

We established a strategy knowing that in order to motivate people, they first need to be engaged with the industry and understand the services.

It was wonderful to work with the team at Melbourne Water as were eager to express the different dimensions of their business.

Alongside water management, Melbourne Water is also responsible for sewerage, drainage, and our waterways. Our job was to find a creative way to express this. This was made more challenging as COVID-19 restrictions came into place. We needed to be innovative and flexible, and consider how people were consuming social media in lockdown.

As schools closed and parents were faced with the challenge of homeschooling, we utilised the extensive education materials available on the Melbourne Water website. We made a time-lapse of the waterways colouring-in sheets, interactive games, and animated water facts. For the older demographic, there were quizzes on Instagram to test their knowledge of sewerage and the heritage of our drainage system. Believe it or not, these were some of Melbourne Water’s most popular content ever posted on their Instagram…poo puns and all.

With the restrictions of lockdown meaning we couldn’t go out and capture content we created animated videos from scratch, that were educational and perfect for the whole family.

Within the first month of working with Melbourne Water, their engagements and followers both increased. People responded well to nuanced design and the detail of the work being created.

When working in social media, it’s important to continuously review and refine your strategy. 2020 has been a perfect example of how quickly things can change. In our monthly report, we recognised the opportunity to utilise the Melbourne Water LinkedIn channel. It had the most followers but the fewest posts.

Last year in Australia, LinkedIn had the most growth of any social media platform and this trajectory has continued into 2020.

The following month there were almost double the number of published posts and a spike in followers.

It was wonderful to work collaboratively with a major Government Authority towards their goals of engagement and brand awareness.

The World is continuing to embrace social media and it crucial for the success of any business.

Creative quality is the variable of success. If you want to find out more about how to grow your social media presence online, contact us now.

Working From Home

Thursday March 19, 2020

Fortunately, we operate in an online environment, which enables us to work remotely without disruption. We also have a number of tools to ensure the Volume team is fully operational no matter where we are working. We will continue to provide digital services as usual and provide you with the same high level of support that you currently receive.

To ensure your needs are actioned promptly by us, we would be grateful if any emails you send could please include the following address in the cc field: info@volume.net.au

Naturally, we will also be available for phone calls as our office phones will be diverted. Therefore, if you have any urgent requests, please call 9108 1441 during business hours.

It is a challenging time for us all, but hopefully it won’t last too long! Take care and please keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

We are looking forward to returning to the office working environment soon, but until then we will continue to provide a high level of services to you remotely.



Our creative and innovative team can design an engaging, memorable and effective website for your business. We are passionate, approachable and will work together with you to make sure you are totally satisfied. Our design services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Website UI Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Logo Design & Visual Identity
  • Graphic Design & Finished Art
  • Print Design & Packaging
  • Infographics


Our highly skilled team take the pain out of development and can assist you with all forms of website and application production. We convert confusing jargon into plain English and with 13 years of experience we are a well oiled machine, simplifying the complicated and smoothing the way for you. Our development services include:

  • Website Development
  • Content Management Solutions
  • e-Commerce
  • Database Design & Programming
  • iPad Magazine Production
  • Mobile/Tablet Application Development
  • Online Publications
  • Social Integration
  • Personalised Video
  • Point of Sale Systems (POS)
  • Pop Up Store Systems


Content, in its various forms, is now more important than ever when to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. So if you don’t yet have a plan on how you can create and distribute valuable, relevant, and engaging content, there’s no need to panic as we can create one for you. Our content marketing services include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Planning & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog Posts
  • Curated Content
  • Automated Email Marketing integration
  • Online Copywriting


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