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Volume is an award winning Melbourne based independent full service digital agency. Established in 2000, Volume still benefits from the stable leadership of its three founding directors. Our goal is to provide clients with the most complete and effective solution, through quality in design, innovative thinking and the highest level of service.

Being a full service digital agency, specialising in the design, development and ongoing management of websites, our client list includes many of Australia’s leading brands, most of which have partnered with Volume for a better part of a decade.

Widely experienced within the online industry, we offer an array of services including; website design and development, online strategy, responsive design and development, application development, video production, ecommerce solutions, content marketing, social media services, brand identity, email marketing and online style guidelines.

Award winning, innovative, dependable and highly efficient, we pride ourselves on being the quality digital partner that every modern business needs to keep up with the ever changing online landscape.


2014 Australian Art Music Awards Performance of the Year

Friday November 7, 2014

It was the night of nights for Australian Art Music, when Melbourne played host for the first time to the......

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The rise and rise of mcommerce

Monday April 21, 2014

It’s not time yet, but clients will soon be briefing us to design their online presence for mobile first, with......

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2014 Australian Art Music Awards Performance of the Year

Friday November 7, 2014

It was the night of nights for Australian Art Music, when Melbourne played host for the first time to the 2014 Art Music Awards, presented by APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre held in the opulent interiors of the Plaza Ballroom on Collins Street.

The Art Music Awards are presented each year by the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and the Australian Music Centre to recognise achievement in the composition, performance, education and presentation of Australian music.

The Art Music Awards consist of eleven national awards and various State Awards across categories covering composition, performance, and outstanding contributions by individuals and organisations in Australian music, in music education, experimental music, jazz and regional music.

The Performance of the Year Award went to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Simone Young with soloist Peter Coleman-Wright, for the performance of Brett Dean’s Last Days of Socrates, with text by Graeme Ellis. MSO Chorus director Jonathan Grieves-Smith accepted the award, making a tearful speech that spoke of the hours of hard work put in by the chorus and orchestra to bring off the thrilling and monumental performance.

This was an Australian première of a major work of which you might be wondering why this is on our Volume blog? I can proudly say because I was a part of this winning performance as I sing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

Our winning performance was a result of many challenging hours of rehearsals that resulted in more than 50 minutes of riveting music, which engaged the intellect and took the listener on an endlessly fascinating aural journey. Musically we were asked to take on this work with energy, passion and unfolding emotion with committed playing of a high order and that we did as it is now viewed as The Performance of the Year and a landmark piece that will find its way into the repertoire of many orchestras and chorus’s around the world.

My memory will be of a sold out performance at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall with many members of a duly appreciative audience giving us four standing ovations at the end of what was a memorable night of music

The rise and rise of mcommerce

Monday April 21, 2014

It’s not time yet, but clients will soon be briefing us to design their online presence for mobile first, with a secondary focus on how it looks and works on a desktop machine. It will take a little while, but looking at the exponential rise in the number of users accessing websites via mobile devices, the number of people ditching their trusty PC’s for a tablet or iPad at home, along with the alarmingly common practice that a smartphone is the last people look at before they go to bed and the first thing they look at when they get up in the morning, I can’t really see how this wont become reality.

Recently, I’ve come across a few mcommerce articles that contain a number of interesting statistics and insights. Interesting to me as I have been boring many clients for a while now about how important a mobile strategy is and now I have some stats to back up what I have been shouting from the hill tops. They also validate our decision 12 months ago to only develop responsive websites.

The stats

More specifically, the brains trust at Cisco have predicted that by 2017, there will be 1.4 internet connected mobile devices per consumer globally. That means that for every person that has money in their pockets to spend, there will also be 1.4 mobile devices in their pockets in which they can use to spend that money. In the US, they predict that a shade under 78% of people whom have mobile devices, will use it at least once in 2013 to buy something online. Moreover, according to eMarketer by 2017, 25% of all online sales will be completed via mobile devices.

Think about that for a moment. This means that every consumer will have at least one mobile device in which they can use to buy something online. Around half will have two mobile devices in which they will use. If the US market is any indication, around three quarters of them will buy at least one thing online a year using a mobile device and 1 in every 4 sales made online, will be made using a mobile device.

But what does it mean!

So what does this mean for a business owner and/or online marketer. How will this affect your current customers spending behaviours? How will this effect paths to purchase? How will this effect what your business should offer customers ie. location based offers? How will this change customer expectations on what your website should look like across devices i.e. iphone v iPad?…. and how prepared is your businesses large and small to address this change? All questions that need to be addressed if you want to have a thorough mobile strategy in place. Put simply however, it will mean change. Change that has to be made quickly not just to keep up, but to survive. It will mean that your website needs to be not only be responsive (easy to use via all mobile devices), but that navigation, content and functionality all be created with the vast number mobile devices in mind.

A betting man

Seeing as every statistic I have mentioned above is just about doubling every year, I think that my tip that clients will be asking us to design for mobile first, is a lock in.

Post by Richard Branov MD of Volume – View his LinkedIn profile here

The rise and rise of mcommerce



Our creative and innovative team can design an engaging, memorable and effective website for your business. We are passionate, approachable and will work together with you to make sure you are totally satisfied. Our design services include:

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Our highly skilled team take the pain out of development and can assist you with all forms of website and application production. We convert confusing jargon into plain English and with 13 years of experience we are a well oiled machine, simplifying the complicated and smoothing the way for you. Our development services include:

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If your company hasn’t created an online strategy or market position don’t panic just yet. We can help you create a clear online direction for your business. Our strategic and analytical services include:

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